UMMOA's Fifth World centre becomes a cryptoequity

As some readers may already know, the UMMOA wordmark has been defined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as indicating "membership in a political organization concerned with international affairs" [1].

In other words, the USPTO recognises the UMMOA as an international political party, not as a national political party like the US Democratic or Republican parties.

Even though the USPTO could not use the word "nation", as this privilege may be only of the US Department of the Interior, of the 50 US state governments, and/or of any recognised indigenous nations themselves (such as the federally recognised Tuscarora Nation of New York, or the New York state only recognised Unkechaug Nation), it still has defined the UMMOA indirectly as a "nation" anyway, since an international political party is essentially the same thing, and even exercises influence beyond US borders, which is not the case of most federally recognised indigenous nations.

In fact, slighty more than half of the UMMOA's population exists within the Fifth World Community (5WC). This inhabited locality, within the space known as Global Earth Oceans (GEO), is a growing new continent that may incorporate additional properties in the future. Also, slightly less than half of the UMMOA's population exists outside of the 5WC (and GEO).

Outside of the 5WC, most Ummoagians see themselves also as citizens of other UN member states, and a few also enjoy a kind of triple citizenship, since they are citizens of other non-UN member nations or micronations.

The UMMOA also has a special national who acts as a de facto Consul of the UMMOA, just as the UMMOA's Governor is also the de facto Consul of Antarctica, having assisted one of the world's 11 native Antarcticans in the past. Through this special national, the UMMOA maintains relations with the world's first Fifth World culture centre in Sainte-Valière in France, a place called Lo Gal.

Lo Gal, besides being the only not strictly UMMOA institution that is accredited by the UMMOA, is also a trilingual multimedia library; a beer and wine cellar; the smallest bistro in Sainte-Valière; a coworking space and colocation; a tourist office; and a melting point where people gather to book author's readings, small art exhibitions, or for alternative astrologer/magician guests. Lo Gal also has its own special ufological institution, the Council of Holon Cinna, and is also a small bed and breakfast!

We are proud to announce that Lo Gal has also become the UMMOA's first cryptoequity.

Another article which we shall distribute today, but which was not authored by Intermicronational World, while apparently only a discussion about toxic human relationships, can also provide insights about our current relationship with most state and corporate institutions [2]. Most UN states and large corporations have become:
  1. too controlling;
  2. never satisfied; and
  3. allow no change.
This is the reason why you can expect a decentralised future.

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