The UMMOA 'annexation'

The biggest change contemplated about the Web lately, besides the ICANN-era generic top-level domain (gTLD) expansion, is the Firefox browser dilemma: 'to Google' the Web, or 'to Yahoo' the Web?

The beacon for an open Web, the beacon for a Web as a tool for liberation, resolved the dilemma in favour of Yahoo. Besides dropping Google in the United States market, the Mozilla Foundation, which oversees the Firefox browser, is also shifting Firefox's attention to the Baidu search engine in China, and to Yandex in Russia. Perhaps Firefox sees BRICS, the association of the five major emerging national economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, as a potential new frontier for freedom on the Web also.

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev is contemplating change too, despite his age. He plans to be still around for his 90th birthday! Gorbachev says that he's working on a strategy of stabilising the international situation by introducing a new, and more effective global dialogue platform, in order to augment the "lame UN".

A newer New World Order (NWO) is also being constructed without the US or the West by the BRICS countries, and it is a concerted effort by the emerging powers to construct parallel multilateral architectures, which will likely reshape international politics and economics in fundamental ways in the future.

The UMMOA (United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago) oversees the Cesidian Root (CRt), which is only an alternative, intercontinental, and/or emergency Internet, one which cannot compete with the ICANN/IANA Internet, especially since the great gTLD expansion.

The UMMOA until recently was managing its own browser as well [1], but being only a modified Google Chrome browser, it cannot compete with Firefox.

While micronationalists often speak of a micronational community, even a "micronational community at large", the truth is that the UMMOA exists in medium of nations and organisations which are completely at odds, if not hostile to one another, so the UMMOA cannot create new global platforms in such an environment, which are still a possibility even for an old, but still widely admired "Gorby".

The UMMOA cannot construct a parallel multilateral architecture even with its own allies and partners, especially one that is influential and powerful like the BRICS association, and the UMMOA, unlike the BRICS powers, definitely does not have the advantage of controlling substantial territory.

So the UMMOA, spearheaded by a rather lonely, yet visionary Governor, is progressively taking over the world in a different manner, as the occupied domains below show:

Current global socioeconomic and political trends point to a mere restructuring (perestroika) of the so-called "New World Order", one that proposes a more polycentric and democratic world order, but proposes no major changes in the 'Standard Model' of politics since Ancient Greece.

Is the recent strange, as well as highly improbable annexation of 'Earth' and 'GEO' (Global Earth Oceans) domains, a sign that God is really pissed at the State of the World, Google or no Google, Gorby or no Gorby, NWO or newer NWO, and he is about to directly intervene in human affairs?

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