Russia should leave the United Nations

Scholars argue that the only difference between Kosovo and Crimea is not international law or legal opinion, which essentially states that unilateral declarations of independence are not against international law, and referendums are an even greater sign of legitimacy. The only difference between Kosovo and Crimea is politics — the (decadent) Western powers did like what Kosovo was doing, but do not like what Crimea is doing.

China also did not help the situation by abstaining, as 13 council members supported the US-sponsored UN resolution declaring the Crimea vote invalid, and only Russia vetoed the resolution. Even China is less than a "friend of a friend".

Other facts are these:
  1. Where is the outrage at the Ukrainian pseudo-government, which is an economic basket case?
  2. Where is the outrage at the Ukrainian pseudo-government, which cannot guarantee the rule of law, or a system which does not simply subjugate non-Ukrainian speaking minorities?
  3. Where is the outrage at the Ukrainian pseudo-government enjoying zero legitimacy, yet acting like it is legitimate for it to judge Crimea, and the will of the people of Crimea?
  4. Where is the legitimacy of the EU, which acts just like the Ukrainian pseudo-government does towards Crimea, but with Switzerland and its equally democratic processes?
If Russia is to be isolated and punished economically essentially for safeguarding its rights over an important naval base such as Crimea, essentially for safeguarding Crimea's ethnic majority from the possible arbitrary subjugation of a Euromaidan, not authentically Ukrainian or legitimate government, then international law means absolutely nothing, political pseudoscience means everything, as Russia has no rights under such an entirely theoretical, very arbitrary, and very suspect system, tyrannical in its essence, and truly a global government which is of the megacorporation, by the megacorporation, and for the megacorporation.

Why doesn't Russia just leave the United Nations, and join other minorities such as unrecognised nations and micronations, which also enjoy absolutely no recognition for their rights just like Russia?

In Italy they have a saying: «Dimmi con chi vai, e io ti dico chi sei». Translation: "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are".

If Crimea needs to secede from the Ukraine in order to safeguard its people and its destiny, and it does, since it really doesn't have an alternative, and it has no real friends in Euromaidan Ukraine, Russia also needs to secede from the United Nations, which is as lawless and disrespectful of human rights as Euromaidan Ukraine, and where it also has no real friends, because even China has become a faux friend.

Isn't it time to go beyond political pseudoscience, and towards a truly legitimate and peaceful global system? I'm not stating that we will get there, with absolute certainty, but if we don't even try, then what hope is left for all the decent people in this world?

The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), and other decent nations, invite the Honourable — not sinister — Vladimir Putin, the Russian Foreign Ministry well-versed in US law, and the Noble People of Russia to meditate on all these things for their own benefit, and for the benefit of the rest of the world, also enjoying no rights under a failed global system.

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