A proposal from Holon Cinna University (video)

We need to spread the word about the following truth: the universe is populated with Intelligent Life Forms, and these life forms have had contact with Earthlings, Terrestrials, or Tellurians for ages.

Let me be very blunt: these life forms were even aware of the UMMOA, yes, even aware of the UMMOA®, now a USPTO-registered trademark, even before it came into existence! You may not know neither the day nor the hour (Matthew 25:13), but I can assure you that these Intelligent Life Forms even knew details about trademark names long before they were registered; long before the community the trademark represents came into being; long before the community's members were even born!

Since the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which took place in Washington, DC between 29 April and 3 May 2013, a gathering of witnesses from 10 countries, there has been an overwhelming amount of media coverage about this extraterrestrial (ET) reality, which can no longer be denied by governments.

In fact, neither the government of France, nor the Vatican, deny the reality of intelligent ET life forms in the universe.

The Exopolitics Network exists to help end the truth embargo. You are not alone. You are not "exceptional" as your government may have told you. The universe is fully populated with exceptional beings!

The video below has been produced by Mediatheque Lo Gal, and by our friends of Expo Politique Sainte Valiere, a multilingual UMMOA community in the suburbs of the Fifth World Community (5WC). Expo Politique Sainte Valiere (France) is a member of the Exopolitics World Network.

Exopolitics Network (video)

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