Past Cesidian Root servers attack probably due to Google Public DNS server hijack

As reported previously in UMMOA Today, on 12 March 2014, Google servers started performing DDoS attacks in the form of DNS amplification attacks against two of the Cesidian Root's DNS servers. These attacks ended two days later after blocking the responsible IP ranges from Google.

After some queries, the Hon. Kai Kellner, the UMMOA Minister of Information Technology and Infrastructure, and also the Cesidian Root's Master Root Officer, got notice from other Admins who have open resolvers like the Cesidian Root (CRt), that Google was attacking their DNS servers with the same amplification attacks.

Since Google was not responding to our emails, the Hon. Keller came to the conclusion that Google was doing this intentionally.

The only response that the Governor of the UMMOA received was an automated one stating, "Thank you for writing to Google. This alias is provided to respond to questions related to Google's domain name registrations only. If you have a question or suggestion about our products, please visit There, you'll find links to our Help Centers, which offer answers to our most frequently asked questions. Due to a high volume of email, we currently respond only to messages relating to product questions or legal notice submitted through specific forms in these Help Centers."

The last paragraph of Google's automated email states, "For security issues, please contact".

Due to our internal contacts to the German CCC (Chaos Computer Club), which had a copy of our log attacks from Google, we found out that the past Cesidian Root servers attack was probably due to Google Public DNS servers and being hacked. That is probably why so many DNS servers had the DDoS attacks.

It is sad that Google either withheld all information about this, or was not able to respond to anyone about it without writing specifically to

It is sad that there isn't a better way for the global IT community — aren't we, at least, a global community like-minded souls? — to take care of these issues when they present themselves in the most professional and transparent manner, without allowing useless government bureaucrats to intervene in the long term, something that will cause even greater damage, especially to the freedom I believe even Google holds dear.

It is especially sad that these issues have apparently incensed Google ITs, who have responded by blocking access to certain Cesidian Root domains through Google Public DNS, so a real technical problem has been needlessly converted into an ad hominem attack.

Gentlemen, does Obama and his company at the UN have a better way to resolve these issues? I think not. If you have any suggestions on how we can work together without loosing the little freedom we have left, please contact the Governor of the UMMOA at the URL below. Those who know me well know that I am a very humble and open-minded person.

Please note that while most other countries came into being because a few people wanted unjustifiable power over others, the UMMOA does have a four-part Mission Statement that it holds dear to, does have a few moral bearings. The UMMOA now exists:
    1. to preserve human rights (nation and state function);
    2. to physically preserve human beings and their progeny (religious and salvific function);
    3. to preserve the Earth as a perfect environment for human beings to grow in harmony with the natural environment (environmental and ecological function);
    4. to preserve as much linguistic diversity as is practical, culturally desirable, and economically feasible (linguistic and culture preserving function).
The UMMOA has always stood for freedom, and in fact we are hated by other nations in direct proportion these nations hate freedom themselves. Let's therefore solve these Internet problems so we can be all we were designed to be, ie moral and humble Gods (Homo sapiens ethicus/Homo neoticus). Then and only then, we will not need to justify ourselves before Higher Authorities, because the same Higher Authorities will find no major flaw, no contradiction between our personal Mission Statement, and the Mission Statement of our species.

Google Public DNS Server Traffic Hijacked
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