"Luegenpresse" adopted in UMMOA English

A German linguists' panel has chosen a Nazi-era term "Luegenpresse" (German: Lügenpresse), which anti-immigrant protesters have revived and shouted at the media, as the country's "Non-word of the year" (German: Unwort des Jahres). The term means "lying press".

Since the word was used by the Nazis, it can't be true that there is such a thing as a lying press!

Another thing that seems only mentioned in the Wikipedia article about the term, is that Lügenpresse was also used in Catholic polemical writings against anti-clerical papers, and by Father Victor Kolb, who lamented that a demoralising liberal daily press needed to be balanced with an equally capable Christian press, and founded the Piusverein zur Förderung der katholischen Presse in 1905, the Pius Association for the Advancement of Catholic Press, in order to strengthen the Catholic Press.

We find two coincidences here.

First, in the propagandistic confrontation between Germany and its wartime enemies in World War I, the international Luegenpresse term was used to blame Germany's enemies. We have almost the same situation now, and the unscientific, greedy, and power-hungry mainstream media (MSM) is used in the same way to lie about Russia, and to obfuscate the West's hegemonic intentions over Russia.

Second, the Luegenpresse term was also used to defend religious ideas, against the onslaught of an increasingly secular, scientistic, if not atheistic press, not very different from the scurrilous and anti-religious content of Charlie Hebdo, which is now paraded before the whole world as the only possible version of the "truth", the only possible version of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

One of the 14 Commandments, 14 authoritative statements which in the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) exist to protect 12 basic human rights, is this: You shall not deny a God the truth [1].

Because of its few German speakers, and because of its limited economic resources, the UMMOA cannot even begin to protect the German language.

However, we will not wittingly stand by while the politically correct continue to push their theologically incorrect and self-serving agenda, whose ultimate intent is to take away even the rights of the Creator(s) of Man, even though they have no such powers, because only a true God has genuine influence over the destiny of Man.

He will not wittingly stand by while Western governments like France, and other Western governments, act like they own "proper Christianity", and "proper Islam" too, when in fact they don't even properly own the monies they have stolen from the People, the People they constantly bring into involuntary, illegitimate, and undemocratic submission, without one iota of divine, or other kind of genuine authority.

He will not wittingly stand by while the so-called defenders of free speech deprive us not only of genuine free speech, but also of the right to self-determination in not only political, but also in economic spheres through tyrannical currencies.

The UMMOA cannot even begin to protect the German language, but we can counter the effects of censorship with UMMOA English (UGV; en-UGV), originally a mere extension of British English (en-GB), but now an increasingly distinct variant of English, a variant which even some dictionaries now begin to acknowledge:

UMMOA Grammar and Vocabulary (or UMMOA English)

On 14 January 2015, the Luegenpresse term was adopted in UMMOA English as a natural and native term.

Let it be known that one of the missions of the UMMOA is to "preserve as much linguistic diversity as is practical, culturally desirable, and economically feasible (linguistic and culture preserving function)". This does not just mean the protection of entire languages, but also the protection of specific words. No such protection is guaranteed or even sought in other forms of English, which allow domination and monopolistic control by governments and government-favoured oligarchic groups, and which thus constantly reveal inherent fascist or communist tendencies, and one must not exclude mention of the anti-individualistic, anti-family, anti-religious, and anti-philosophical tendencies of today's varieties of English.

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