A quick lesson about the UMMOA with the help of ummoa.domains

What is the Fifth World Community (5WC)? It is a diaxenospitia, or a highly scattered global village:


What is the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA)? It is a government, which is rectio or gubernatio in Latin:



Does the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) only serve itself and its mission(s), in a single language? No, the UMMOA also serves intermicronationally, in several languages:


What does the Geographer General of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) maintain? He maintains a list of Earth resources, which includes several directories:


What are some of the services the UMMOA offers intermicronationally? Here is the short list:
  1. A nation directory to nations that actually have a relation with the UMMOA (nations that genuinely exist): http://nation.directory
  2. An organisations' directory (it is more than an organisations' directory, however): http://organisations.directory
  3. An alternative, multi-continental, root server system or Internet, the Cesidian Root: https://www.cesidianroot.eu
  4. The world's only Antarctica Foreign Ministry, which because of the nature of the Antarctic jurisdiction, is forced to have "diplomatic" relations only with Antarctica Natives, which of course is reduced to Consular representation of these Antarctica Natives, but no other institution has ever actually provided these services: http://antarctica.fm
  5. A church which leads to Salvation, and which is recognised by other churches: http://cesidian.church
  6. A post-modern version of the Big Ben, one which can be viewed beyond London: http://cesidian.watch
  7. A post-modern version of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) called Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT), one which is a genuinely global, and not just a British Empire standard: http://cmt.io
  8. Ecumenical (which means more than Catholic, since it is a Cesidian standard), post-modern holidays, which can be followed by a single calendar: http://cesidian.holiday
  9. Alternative patent and trademark services: http://patentsmarks.pm
  10. Alternative print monopoly services: http://printmonopoly.pm
  11. A university or scholar academy, Saint René Descartes University: http://scholar.academy
The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) is, at this stage of evolution, a ground floor Third World nation, and we stress the word "nation", not "state", ie the UMMOA is a quasi-state, or a non-state actor:



It is important to note that the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) is not, strictly-speaking, the newest land, the newest country, or the newest continent, since the UMMOA word mark represents the UMMOA government and/or people only:




There is a list of territorial claims of the UMMOA government, and UMMOA government alone:


What is the name, on the other hand, of the territorial claims of the UMMOA People? It is Global Earth Oceans (GEO):


This is the very real beginning of a global continent:


And it is not about a continent-sized landmass only:


So Ummoagians (natural persons), the UMMOA government (public juridical person), the land of Ummoagians (natural assets), and the land the UMMOA government claims outside of the Fifth World Community (public juridical assets or commons), are four distinct things!

The UMMOA government does not treat the private wealth of its individual nationals as collective or national wealth, as it finds nothing legitimate with this imperialistic and parasitical practice. Also, the UMMOA government does not treat the private property of its individual nationals as collective or national property.

In other words, the UMMOA is the only non-communist nation on earth. The UMMOA government only exists to represent and defend its people, not to eat its people out of its substance (juridical theft, but still theft), or to treat their property like national property (communism or "socialism").

Moreover, the UMMOA is the only non-capitalist nation on earth, because the UMMOA government doesn't treat its people as subjects or citizens, or as cattle are treated by farmers (and doesn't allow banks or corporations to do so either), but as Gods in human form.

What is the UMMOA beginning to evolve into? The UMMOA is beginning to evolve into a global country or pankosmiahora:


Global villages or diaxenospitias, lead to global countries or pankosmiahoras!

Once the UMMOA is recognised as a global country, it ceases to be a non-state actor only, but it doesn't become a state actor either, since the UMMOA government doesn't treat the property of UMMOA nationals like national property. More logically, the UMMOA at this point also becomes a Global Earth Oceans or GEO actor:


In fact, individual property owners of the UMMOA are not called Ummoagians, but Geowners [1], which specifies who owns Global Earth Oceans or GEO!

A Geowner cannot be abused by a communist or "socialist" government because he is owner and not co-owner or sub-owner of GEO. A God cannot be abused by a capitalist or "free market" government (or bank or corporation), because he owns himself, and is neither owned by any government (ie, treated like chattel), nor does he owe anything to anyone but God Almighty alone, or any other God he or she chooses to love and share life with!

What will the UMMOA also be once it becomes larger than a country, and closer to the size of a continent? It will not be that tyrannical entity called the nation-state, but a country-continent, or a "coucon", which is pronounced and written as qcon:


The neologism you just read above is a political science term of UMMOA English, which is superior to any other regional English, or English variant. UMMOA English is not the only language spoken by Ummoagians, but UMMOA English, or en-UMMOA, or en-UGV, is the language spoken by the majority:



The UMMOA uses the words or codes of UMMOA, UGV, and GV to represent Ummoagians with the .am, .gs, .je, and .pe ccTLDs, but the ugv.nz domain mentioned above already shows that the UMMOA, at least on the Internet, is treated like a region of New Zealand. Actually regions of New Zealand have third-level, not second-level domains, so if the UMMOA appears like a New Zealand region, it is more like a highly autonomous, unofficial region!

Within the .uk ccTLD, however, the UMMOA uses two second-level domains, one for the generic UMMOA (ummoa), and one specifically for the UMMOA government (rectio):



We hope readers found this lesson about the UMMOA interesting and edifying.

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HMRD Cesidio Tallini [2, 3]