Я москвич (I am a Muscovite)

With the growing importance and ties among the BRICS countries — acronym for an association between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — it would make sense to file for a UMMOA Russian trademark. UMMOA® is already a registered trademark in the United States, so filing for a Russian trademark would be a decent idea.

However, since the UMMOA has not grown within the Russian Federation itself to any significant degree, the more Russia-based UMMOA branch of the micronation would still depend entirely on funds coming from the United States, and unfortunately this would run afoul with the Russian laws against foreign-financed NGOs, enough to make the idea of a UMMOA Russian trademark not just expensive at this stage, but also a recipe for disaster, something a tiny "political organization concerned with international affairs" like the UMMOA cannot afford.

Despite this reality, however, the following UMMOA Russian domain already exists, and has in fact existed since February 2010, or for over five years now:


It is clearly a connection, albeit a small one, with the Russian Federation!

Besides the UMMOA acronym, the UGV acronym is also now deeply associated with the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (it means "UMMOA Grammar and Vocabulary", or UMMOA English), and the BCT acronym is the British or corporate name of the Governor of the UMMOA.

Yesterday, we also registered these domains for the first time, as a sign of a connection with Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation:




It is hoped that Russian authorities will work towards a fairer legal environment for nations so open, that they are actually known for publishing open source intelligence (OSI). We are not aware of any UN member state that does that, and unlike some foreign NGOs, financed by some racist (and criminal) billionaires, the UMMOA does not exist to change Russian society, or even Russian ways, but to work together with Russians towards a world that is more just towards all peoples, even minorities like the very tiny minority of UMMOA nationals.

I wish I could spontaneously write even a part of this article in Russian, but if John F. Kennedy said it, then I'll say it also in my own special way: Я москвич (I am a Muscovite).

On a final note, and speaking of BRICS countries in particular, the UMMOA also has small connections with India and China:



While the UMMOA unfortunately doesn't have Chinese citizens who also consider themselves UMMOA nationals, it should be noted that the Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence, an extremely controversial book, is also the only book by the Governor of the UMMOA that is freely available for purchase in the People's Republic of China. This is evidence that the People's Republic of China may have granted the Ryamecah Confederation at least de facto recognition.

The Governor of the UMMOA hopes that the future will bring greater awareness of micronations by the BRICS countries, or at least greater kindness towards the UMMOA.