What totally foreign images Google associates with the UMMOA
(and what they say about us)

We speak English

But we speak a different kind of English

We also understand Interlingua

We are in a different time zone

We enjoy recognition from this quasi-official part of Amsterdam

We are almost welcome at 10 Downing Street

ET feels perfectly at home on the islands claimed by the UMMOA (ET already home)

The French State designates our Savoy friends as "folk", not terrorists, but they still jail them anyway

Obama prepares a coup against the Hon Most Rev Dr Tallini (in his dreams only, because how can he substitute him?)

Russia does not dream up coups against the Hon Most Rev Dr Tallini (they already know he's the cleverest of them all)

Yes, we are "health nuts", and the Hon Most Rev Dr Tallini is even a Medicine Man

We don't just talk about ocean pollution, but are beginning to clean it up

We finance research into alternative and clean sources of energy

Sealand would bet their (truly valuable) Sealand dollars on us

The Holy Empire of Reunion considers us friends

Only through the UMMOA can one build a bridge between Africa and Oceania

Real Christian churches know us well