Dramatic proof the UMMOA is a Third World nation

The evidence the UMMOA is actually an odd or rare kind of Third World nation, a junior microstate, is overwhelming.

Not only it is clear that the UMMOA has become the world's first "stealth" Third World nation, a polity resembling a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk which, unlike any other Third World nation, passes by entirely undetected by radar; but the evolution of the polity is proceeding too fast.

The evolution of the UMMOA is proceeding so fast that if certain other major developments occur in the very near future, the UMMOA will very likely morph again soon, and reach Second World status. It will leave its current stage of invisibility, and become as obvious and startling as a giant Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (which is even larger that a civilian Boeing 747-400F).

More evidence that the UMMOA has entered the lowest stage — the "ground floor" stage, if you will — of the Third World has popped up yesterday.

You wouldn't notice the evidence, unless you realised that Intermicronational World made a relatively obscure article about the same news story more public 6 days ago, and RT News receives International World's daily news summary, which we are happy to provide to more than just micronations or alternative polities.

This is not the first time the UMMOA influence was noticed, but yesterday it was magnified tenfold.

Not only the UMMOA is beginning to exert a small but perceptible influence in Russia, and this influence had been slightly noticed recently, but the influence is now beginning to have a very noticeable enrichment effect both on literary quality, and on article freedom choice in the Russian media in English. No, it doesn't even matter if the international NGO described in the article was at odds, and actually collided with Russia or with Russian interests!

This is further and conclusive evidence that the UMMOA is already the world's first "stealth" Third World nation (or quasi-state). You usually don't pass under the radar when you reach that stage of development as a polity, but we did, at least temporarily.

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